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NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR (December 18, 2018):

Hi, Readers!

I hope you all have a happy holiday! I've spent the past week trying to purge my house and get ready for Christmas. My daughter managed to get about 85% of her room done, but I have a feeling if I want my son's clean, I'll end up going in there to get it started. He gets easily overwhelmed when it comes to cleaning. I used to do a purge twice a year, but the last few years I slacked off and I'm paying for it now!

I have 3 new books this month, all of which are currently available. Two are Christmas themed (Wraith, a Dixie Reapers book writing as Harley Wylde, and the latest Intergalactic Brides book, Blossom and the Alien Actor). The third is a rock star contemporary romance called Can't Get Enough, which released today and is also a Harley Wylde book.

I'm not pulling away from scifi or paranormal books by any means, but after writing so many back to back for the last ten years, I get a little burnt out and need to switch gears for a few months so I can get back to those series and feel refreshed. My 3rd Cy-Con book has been giving me trouble. I have a feeling I may need to scrap it and start over, but since it's about halfway finished, it's painful to do that. But if a story isn't working, then it's just not working.

What will 2019 bring? More MC books writing as Harley Wylde, more Intergalactic Brides (as long as my publisher keeps taking them), more Cy-Con, and more Harvest Moon Wolves. And I may throw in something extra here and there along the way, depending on my Muse and the amount of writing time I have. Sometimes my health gets me down for a few days as well. I struggle with Lupus and arthritis, among other things, so there are times I just have to take a break so my body and my brain don't revolt LOL.

Is there a particular book you're hoping I'll write? Drop me a note at or and let me know! I have so many series going right now it's a little hard to juggle them all, but I promise there will be a lot of new books coming through 2019 and 2020. At least one release per month, if not more.


Happy Reading!










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