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I've had some requests for audiobooks, and I'm going to give it a try. It's going to be a slow process, and I'm starting with the books I already have the audio rights to (which means none of my Changeling Press books at this time, but that could change)





 Unsure about series order? I've put together a list for Paranormal and Sci-fi books. (last updated 02/15/2018)

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NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR (November 28, 2018):

Hi, Readers!

As I mentioned above, I'm trying out audiobooks to see how it goes. The first audiobook will be Ashton Grove MC (the boxed set), but it won't be available until December 2018. My experience with Ashton Grove MC will determine how many other audiobooks I do at this time.

I have a new Intergalactic Brides book releasing in December with Changeling Press. The pre-order links are already posted on the New & Coming Soon page. I'm trying to wrap up Cy-Con 3 for a January release, but I had a bit of a hiccup when my computer decided to be naughty. It was in the shop for almost a week, which meant I lost a good chunk of writing time. So cross your fingers I can finish it on time!

I haven't planned anything beyond Cy-Con 3 just yet, so I'm not sure what comes after that. I do have another Intergalactic Brides started, and there are plenty more cyborgs who need a story. I'd like also to write book 2 in my new wolf shifter series for 2019. Since my kids are home for 2 weeks from end of December through first week of January, my writing time will be cut in half. That means I may only have a Harley Wylde release in February.

Is there a particular book you're hoping I'll write? Drop me a note at or and let me know! I have so many series going right now it's a little hard to juggle them all, but I promise there will be a lot of new books coming through the remainder of 2018 and hopefully into 2019. At least one release per month, if not more.


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