Jessica Coulter Smith

Everyone deserves a Happily-Ever-After

Blossom and the Alien Actor

Blossom has struggled all her life, never able to claw her way out of the worst neighborhood in Los Angeles. Her loser ex-boyfriend isn’t who she thought he was, and now she’s in more trouble than ever. Christmas is the time for miracles, and Blossom needs one now more than ever. She just didn’t expect her miracle to arrive in such a sexy, purple package. When the notorious alien actor, Brexton, knocks on her door, she does what any rational woman would do. She slams it in his face. Wishing for a miracle was one thing, but having the heartthrob of Hollywood on her doorstep wasn’t what she had in mind.

Brexton has always wanted a mate and family, though he’s never been blessed with either. When he hears about a single mom who’s in trouble, he knows he can’t leave her to face her fate. Having a door slammed in his face hadn’t factored into his plans, but that one glimpse was enough for Brexton to know he’d do anything to get another look at the sexy female with blue hair, and a body that would feature in all his future dreams.

Despite danger lurking around every corner, Brexton is determined to give Blossom and her children a Christmas they’ll always remember. He would give them the very stars from the sky if he could, but he didn’t count on falling in love, or getting to claim them as his own. Now that he has the family he’s always wanted, he’ll do whatever it takes to keep them safe, and hopefully share the first of many holidays with his new mate and kids.

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