Jessica Coulter Smith

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Avelyn's life was turned upside down the day she lost her baby and realized her husband was a monster who couldn't be redeemed. Now that she's divorced and having to make it on her own, she knows she needs to make some major changes in her life. But when she enters the Terran Station in Las Vegas in search of a job, the last thing she expects is to find her arms full of a screaming alien baby, and faced with a very flustered daddy. 

Thrace adopted sweet Lily to spare her from the intergalactic adoption agency. But now that he’s become a doting daddy overnight, he’s feeling a bit overwhelmed. When Avelyn is dropped into his lap, he’s more than grateful. A nanny is just what he needs! There’s only one problem. When Thrace looks at Avelyn, he doesn’t see a caretaker for his daughter. He sees a vibrant, desirable woman who sets his blood on fire.

What’s an alien daddy to do when what he wants most is to have the nanny in his bed?


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Now available in the Intergalctic Brides Vol. 1 boxed set

Intergalactic Brides Vol. 1 (Box Set) by Jessica Coulter  Smith