Jessica Coulter Smith

Everyone deserves a Happily-Ever-After

Magnolia Magick


 Magnolia Magick

Lissa has travelled to a small town in southern Georgia to complete her latest novel.  Having rented an antebellum plantation for the next six months, she hopes to find the peace she needs in order to meet her deadline.  However, she didn’t count on sharing her temporary home with the resident ghost.

Jesse has been dead for almost one hundred years.  In all of his time on earth, both living and spectral, he has never met anyone like Lissa.  If he had a heart, it would have stopped beating the moment he saw her.  Why couldn’t this passionate, beautiful, talented woman have come along while he was still alive?  Jesse would love nothing more than to take Lissa into his arms and kiss her senseless.

No matter how hot Jesse may be, Lissa realizes she can’t have a relationship with a ghost.  During a trip to town, she meets local bank owner, Jared.  The sinfully handsome banker sweeps Lissa off her feet.  He claims to love her and wants her to move permanently to the small town of Maple Falls.  Things heat up quickly between the two, leaving Lissa confused over whether its love or lust that is drawing them together.

When Jared finds out that Lissa casts spells and frequents a magick shop will he still stand by her side?  Or will the hint of scandal send him running the other way?

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Lissa knelt at the base of the old Yew tree.  It was almost midnight – the witching hour.  Thunder rumbled in the distance.  Hopefully, the rain would hold off.  It had taken some unusual abilities to locate Jesse’s grave, not to mention locating the spell itself.  Thanks to Gemma’s unique skills, she already had the supplies and ingredients she needed.

Making a circle with black candles, Lissa began laying everything out.  She had a charm, which contained shavings from an Alder tree and the petals of an Iris, along with various herbs.

Lissa pulled out her small cauldron and placed it in the center of the circle. Glancing at her watch, she saw that midnight was only a minute away.

Reaching into the pocket of her jeans, she removed a small box of wooden matches.  Lighting the candles, Lissa cast her circle.  She faced the grave at the base of the tree, and she began her incantation.

Goddess Hela,

I beseech thee.

Release this soul

From Heheimr.

Dropping the charm bag into the cauldron, she lit the bag on fire.  It burned quickly, leaving behind the ashes Lissa needed to complete the ritual.  Dipping her fingers into the cauldron, she spread the ashes on her forehead and cheeks. Spreading the remaining ashes across the grave, she continued:

In life, he knew not love,

In death, he roams the earth.

I beseech thee,

Release him into my care.

Lissa continued to chant her spell until she was exhausted.  An hour after she had begun, she collapsed at the foot of the grave.  Had she still been conscious, she would have felt the ground begin to shift.